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Fulfilling emptiness….

Both socilasing and solitude are necessary to keep us sane. Just that we long for one of these, when the other has been experienced in excess. But being stuck in one of these extremities might render some extreme ramifications – … Continue reading

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The inverse nature of aesthetics and ratification

Well, in this post I try to give shape to an ongoing discussion about the essence of aesthetics and ratification. Before I present my views, let me make it clear that although I can be in awe and savour the … Continue reading

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Day dreaming in dreamy days

Without getting into the specific time as to when, although many of you might well be able to guess it, last few days have been really conducive for this gratifying, involuntary creative act – Day Dreaming! There is something unique … Continue reading

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Gullible vulnerabilities of a wobbling mind

My tending towards arrogance brag sessions about rationality and the import I give to logic and reasoning might already have established a projection of me in your perceptions; if it hasn’t I’m glad. This post is one of those periodic … Continue reading

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Disassembling Logic

Well out of the lot many things running in my head competing to get out onto my blog, the following post has made it first and for reasons evident in the following paragraphs. The question of thoughts, ideas, imagination, rationalization, … Continue reading

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Staying inspired!

Inspiration is another of those neural obscurities, directly impacting our daily lives and in the long run shaping up our core principles and our personalities. Deriving inspiration from multiplicity of sources influences our take on life and molds us into … Continue reading

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Indulging in wordplay

I’m not sure if this is a personal fancy, or if many of you have this trend of favorite words: Some word which occupies your mind, conversations and writings either due to its phonetics, or simply its implications. I regularly … Continue reading

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Socially necessary value of oneself

An interesting observation by a fellow rationale was reported to me, about me having a broad network with wide range of people in it (not on Facebook!), but the real people network. Well, even if I was quite aware of … Continue reading

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And down grounds the ego…

While it all seems like a frictionless glide, allowing the ego to swell to the fullest and the momentum to go full throttle, there comes a necessary prick. A prick which deflates everything that’s swollen and grounds the now helium … Continue reading

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Comprehending fear

Over a casual discussion with a friend, which as usual ended up being vibrantly philosophical, the question of fear and the sources of fear surfaced up. A consistent definition used by me, did fit the context well: Ignorance. Ignorance, adding … Continue reading

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