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Accommodating myself amidst people and their expectations

Sometimes I wonder whatever that I am, is it because it was always there in me and I have been only discovering it, or have the people around been operating on me and compelled me to invent these traits in … Continue reading

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Gullible vulnerabilities of a wobbling mind

My tending towards arrogance brag sessions about rationality and the import I give to logic and reasoning might already have established a projection of me in your perceptions; if it hasn’t I’m glad. This post is one of those periodic … Continue reading

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Less personal,More social

A personal observation about the contents I’m discoursing on my personal blog: It certainly is getting unbalanced. Unbalanced in terms of the contexts of the content being discoursed. My initial posts, if some of you have read/ been reading, would … Continue reading

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Making my moves, like i wanted to!

Taking decisions in life, now, when I am at the verge of an important decision feels like playing a tricky game of chess! I have thought deeply, evaluated the consequences, guaged the prospects and hoped for the optimum, and it … Continue reading

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Discerning the materialist in me

Am I a materialist? Yes and No. Yes: In the context of non-idealism; in my manners of understanding everything around me. This tinge of materialism in me is what has enabled me to grow an outlook endorsing rationality and self … Continue reading

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Self deception in the process of gross deception…

It’s quite amazing as to how we can make ourselves believe, almost in a manner of self-deception, by repeatedly emphasising on something fictitious to be factual, either about our own persona or of our perceptions. Being absolutely honest about oneself … Continue reading

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Back, looking at myself.

After quite a while, I’m trying a stint of introspective post on my blog. The circumstances I am conditioning myself to, out of conscious choice are of different kind in nature. It is a drift from surrealism to realism. It … Continue reading

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