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Dr.Mulugeta: Inspiration beyond Physics

“I was in prison for seven years, and the first four years of imprisonment, there were 45 of us in 4m x 4m room in the central prison in Ethiopia”, reminisces Dr. Mulugeta Bekele from Ethiopia, not with remorse, but … Continue reading

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The emerging mind, and the overwhelming awe

The ability to be able to do Science is the grandest gift that has been bestowed upon us Homo sapiens, during the course of evolution, while we were trying to ‘survive’. To be able to understand the intricate patterns of … Continue reading

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The God Delusion

How lucky we are to be alive, given that the vast majority of people who could potentially be thrown up by the combinatorial lottery of DNA will in fact never be born. However brief our time in the sun, if … Continue reading

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How far can one go riding on rationality?

Encountering rationales is getting tougher by the day in today’s technology driven world. As paradoxical it might seem, irrationality is getting ubiquitous in the 21st Century. In a world run on the principles of scientific inquisition and technological accomplishments, a … Continue reading

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The booming spiritual bloom!

“Inner Engineering”, “Spiritual Software”, “Cosmic architecture”, and many more paradoxical terms have seen a sudden boom in the last decade. This is the new set of jargon presenting itself when the need has arrived.  The blend of spirituality and technology … Continue reading

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Discerning the materialist in me

Am I a materialist? Yes and No. Yes: In the context of non-idealism; in my manners of understanding everything around me. This tinge of materialism in me is what has enabled me to grow an outlook endorsing rationality and self … Continue reading

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Science: A religion for Life

“When I call myself an atheist, it is not that I do not have a God to believe in, or a religion to piously follow:Nature is my God,Science is my religion….” While clarifying my stand on religion and God to … Continue reading

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