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Hurting my non-religious sentiments!

/Me is a non-religious person, a proud atheist, and this post might well encapsulate in a frivolous sense the subtle ‘trauma’ our diaspora is being conditioned to. Well, here are some of my genuinely exaggerated confessions:P If you thought non-religious … Continue reading

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The God Delusion

How lucky we are to be alive, given that the vast majority of people who could potentially be thrown up by the combinatorial lottery of DNA will in fact never be born. However brief our time in the sun, if … Continue reading

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Why I am an Atheist by Shaheed Bhagat Singh

Shaheed Bhagat Singh: Inquilab Zindabad (Long live the Revolution) Excerpts from one of the best articles ever written:  “We (atheists) believe in nature and that human progress depends on the domination of man over nature. There is no conscious power … Continue reading

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Dawkins dawns Darwin upon me

Of the few important people who have had substantial influence on me, Professor Richard Dawkins is the latest addendum. He comes late, but will certainly have (had?) a profound impact on my frame of thought. I am the most and … Continue reading

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The Ten commandments for an Atheist (v 0.1.1)

I  Thou shall always tread the path of reason: Scrutinizing every step taken.  II Thou shall seek truth in its entirety by scientific means, using the tools of questioning, reasoning and verification. III Thou shall and must think freely ( … Continue reading

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Festivals, to the ones like me ;-)

What could be better than a day’s off from work, substituted by relaxing at home, with lots to eat and feast on, while watching some special TV, apart from the warmth of the togetherness, with the added amusement provided by … Continue reading

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