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Reading “Spartacus” – The original gladiator

  Spartacus. I strongly recommend it as a book you must read, and at the earliest opportunity. Irrespective of what your reading inclinations have been, this one is an account of human struggle that every one of us ought to … Continue reading

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Reading The Kite Runner

Well, I knew the genre I was being led into – fiction, but with a touch of reality and I have no complaints, only some reservations. The Kite Runner is certainly no bad read at all. It falls into my … Continue reading

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Gabriel Marquez’s The General in His Labyrinth

Reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez (GGM) most known for his book One Hundred Years of solitude (I’m yet to read), is an acquired taste I’d say when it comes to this book of his General in His Labyrinth. After Oscar Wilde’s … Continue reading

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Right Ho, Jeeves!

Got on to reading fiction after quite sometime; And this time I made it a point to get hold of some humor. Based on the collective opinions of some friends and a huge reputation online, PG Wodehouse was the name … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Reading this autobiographical, tell-all book by John Perkins seemed surreal.I am not someone who is very naive about manipulations; I would at least be able to discern between genuine attempts of foreign support, with those of attempts towards hegemonic domination, … Continue reading

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The God Delusion

How lucky we are to be alive, given that the vast majority of people who could potentially be thrown up by the combinatorial lottery of DNA will in fact never be born. However brief our time in the sun, if … Continue reading

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Inside WikiLeaks, and inside Inside WikiLeaks!

 I am a self proclaimed admirer of Julian Assange [J] and more so of WikiLeaks[WL]. Let this trait of mine not induce an idea that this post of mine is in favor of J or WL, in manners more than … Continue reading

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