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Revisiting the JanLokpal debate

For some organizational purposes, friends and myself from ITEC visited Justice Santosh Hegde, former Lokayukta and a core committee member in the “Team Anna”, and I was looking forward to meet him in person after all the initial genuine work … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Reading this autobiographical, tell-all book by John Perkins seemed surreal.I am not someone who is very naive about manipulations; I would at least be able to discern between genuine attempts of foreign support, with those of attempts towards hegemonic domination, … Continue reading

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Fast Forwarding India: Anna and Baba way!

If I were one of the high TRP media channel ( almost all the hundreds are in fact of high TRP!), who feeds junk to people, at this moment I would be gleaming at my own fortune! Drama, action, emotion, … Continue reading

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Corruption and Price rise: Campaign by Samudaaya

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } After two weeks of Jaathas across Karnataka, both the Samudaaya teams converged in Bangalore on the 28th of May, 2011 for the culmination of the event. “What we want to do is: Sensitize creative people … Continue reading

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Corruption: The Opium of today’s masses

It has been overwhelming for the past four days here in India, with the Anti Corruption anguish of the people taking shape in the form of a nation wide Gandhian style hunger strike, protests,extensive discussions and substantial involvement of ‘the … Continue reading

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Collateral Damage: The State and the Centre duo

First a recap of the proceedings in India, with some points specific to Karnataka: The overall inflation has hit 8.8 %, with food inflation at about 17 %; While the Central Govt is attributing this anomaly to be symptoms of growth, i.e, … Continue reading

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BPL India vs IPL India!

The post caption gives a deep, contemporary insight into the ever growing disparity in India.BPL (Below Poverty Line) population in India is a massive section of it, and while most of the real BPL remain left out in the Government’s … Continue reading

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The Corruption Saaku Campaign – Bengaluru

Bengaluru is witnessing one of the peak periods of protests and campaigns as a result of the reckless attitude of the Government ,here in Karnataka by the BJP, and then at the Centre by the UPA-2. While Karnataka is being … Continue reading

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