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Undoing 6 decades in 6 years

A recent propaganda piece written by Home Minister Amit Shah’s PR team came up with an all true summary of the 6 years of Modi governance. Unwittingly perhaps, but true nonetheless. This post is an attempt to fit a more … Continue reading

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2010s: A personal tale of my professional journey

Hopping on the trend train of reminiscing about the last decade, I too have decided to weigh in on what the 2010’s have meant to me. Will try to discipline myself to ponder mostly from my professional point of view … Continue reading

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Views on Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything”

I took up this book few months ago and have been reading it in intervals. Finally I read Part-3 of the book which captions itself as “Starting Anyway”. In second part of the book “Magical Thinking” Naomi Klein had a … Continue reading

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Fumbling with Fiction

Jose Saramago’s Blindness, for years now, has been my favourite work of fiction. In the past few years I have started to like Haruki Murakami’s works; reading them unscrupulously. Of late, however, reading fictional works seem to be getting harder. … Continue reading

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Reading diverse literature, with varying points of view but emanating from a moral universe that is basically decent, is one way of challenging your beliefs. And when they do get challenged, it is an uncomfortable but important place to be … Continue reading

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Why I run!

The one question that does not annoy me, even when it is incessant, is that why I run?! In fact, whenever this question is asked I might even be beaming with pride and joy. In a relatively short while running … Continue reading

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Joy of reading, and some critique of capitalism

It rarely happens that in reading a particular piece of literature I end up finding beyond perfect articulations of some of my own unstructured ideas. It can be liberating and feels, even, cathartic! Or it might just be that I … Continue reading

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PhD Series: 1. Getting a position

The past year — 2018 — was an important one for several reasons. A primary reason being I successfully completed my PhD in Medical Image Analysis at the University of Copenhagen. I will try to delve into what completing the … Continue reading

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A decade of blogging

I vividly remember that afternoon in 2008, when I was still getting acquainted with the internet jargon and a classmate mentioned something called a blog. He elaborated it to me as a diary on the internet that I could choose … Continue reading

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The Torments of Choice

This is for posterity. I do not want to forget how I felt while choosing this path I’ve decided to tread. So trying my best to freeze this state of mind. The torments, too real. The uncertainty, unbearable. The guilt … Continue reading

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