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A short review of Jose Saramago’s meandering masterpiece: Death with Interruptions

One of the joys of reading fiction is its transgressions into the unbelievable. One of the annoyances of reading fiction is its transgressions into the unbelievable. It takes a genius to tip the scale towards the former, and Jose Saramago … Continue reading

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Undoing 6 decades in 6 years

A recent propaganda piece written by Home Minister Amit Shah’s PR team came up with an all true summary of the 6 years of Modi governance. Unwittingly perhaps, but true nonetheless. This post is an attempt to fit a more … Continue reading

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2010s: A personal tale of my professional journey

Hopping on the trend train of reminiscing about the last decade, I too have decided to weigh in on what the 2010’s have meant to me. Will try to discipline myself to ponder mostly from my professional point of view … Continue reading

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Views on Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything”

I took up this book few months ago and have been reading it in intervals. Finally I read Part-3 of the book which captions itself as “Starting Anyway”. In second part of the book “Magical Thinking” Naomi Klein had a … Continue reading

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Fumbling with Fiction

Jose Saramago’s Blindness, for years now, has been my favourite work of fiction. In the past few years I have started to like Haruki Murakami’s works; reading them unscrupulously. Of late, however, reading fictional works seem to be getting harder. … Continue reading

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Reading diverse literature, with varying points of view but emanating from a moral universe that is basically decent, is one way of challenging your beliefs. And when they do get challenged, it is an uncomfortable but important place to be … Continue reading

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Why I run!

The one question that does not annoy me, even when it is incessant, is that why I run?! In fact, whenever this question is asked I might even be beaming with pride and joy. In a relatively short while running … Continue reading

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Joy of reading, and some critique of capitalism

It rarely happens that in reading a particular piece of literature I end up finding beyond perfect articulations of some of my own unstructured ideas. It can be liberating and feels, even, cathartic! Or it might just be that I … Continue reading

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PhD Series: 1. Getting a position

The past year — 2018 — was an important one for several reasons. A primary reason being I successfully completed my PhD in Medical Image Analysis at the University of Copenhagen. I will try to delve into what completing the … Continue reading

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A decade of blogging

I vividly remember that afternoon in 2008, when I was still getting acquainted with the internet jargon and a classmate mentioned something called a blog. He elaborated it to me as a diary on the internet that I could choose … Continue reading

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