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Reading diverse literature, with varying points of view but emanating from a moral universe that is basically decent, is one way of challenging your beliefs. And when they do get challenged, it is an uncomfortable but important place to be … Continue reading

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Young Karl Marx: Up the list!

As the pilot would have said, we were cruising at 35000 ft above sea-level over the Atlantic, and just about 2 hours into the flight I was beaming in my seat, with goosebumps all over. Thanks to the movie protagonist … Continue reading

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Making of a habit

Often it is characterised that our personality is the sum of the closest people we interact with and/or the result of the books we read (broadly, the art we consume). I believe, while these are essential factors in shaping our … Continue reading

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Sense and Sensibilities

Long train rides, after tedious days of mental toiling is rife with the possibilities of wandering into the alleys of the mind. Add to this, the film-reel of changing landscapes that’s flashing past the eyes, streaming picturesque fields adorned with … Continue reading

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The process of learning a language is truly fascinating. Not necessarily learning a new one, but also the process of learning further a language, one has known for all cognizant life. An essential aspect of grooming one’s linguistic dexterity can … Continue reading

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Dealing with religion: Inspire, Inquire, Satire

  Yesterday something unusual happened in my Swedish home – a strong stench pervaded near the kitchen, and I could smell it across the room. After investigating for a while, it was found that one of the eggs had gone … Continue reading

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The servility of praying, and the futility of prayers

Have you noticed, all major religions prescribe you to get onto your knees when you pray to the Gods? I can’t stop being amused at the thought that all the Gods are masochistic, in the sense, they want you to … Continue reading

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Growing up, demystifying logic.

What is the most ludicrous reasoning that you remember from your childhood? Take a moment and just think about all the answers that you had convinced yourself with, when you were still discovering the world. I have ranging from cute … Continue reading

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Why I chose to be a teacher :)

It’s been two years, and now at the end of this tenure of my teaching I am trying to answer the various questions that never mellowed down, till even today, as to “Why I  chose to be a teacher!”. The … Continue reading

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Sophie’s World, a world philosophy tour

The purpose of philosophy, if one call so would in its simplest expression to enable our minds to remain open, encourage us to question everything and motivate us to doubt everything and to be engaged in a constant process of … Continue reading

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