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Cosy in Copenhagen…

It was one of those random thoughts that occur suddenly – usually, just before falling asleep – I had ‘moved’ from Sweden to Denmark, and I had done so unceremoniously! This transition was so abrupt and it happened amidst so … Continue reading

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“We are together, because we are alone”

Even simplest of the chores, when away from home, in a different country, can be daunting. After more than two years in Sweden, I still can’t get a decent haircut – mainly because I cannot convey myself clearly – and … Continue reading

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Still talking about race eh?!

The question of race, as sensitive as it might be, it must be dealt with. Different societies have taken up different approaches. In Sweden for instance, I was surprised at the huge importance given to the notion of racial discrimination … Continue reading

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The process of learning a language is truly fascinating. Not necessarily learning a new one, but also the process of learning further a language, one has known for all cognizant life. An essential aspect of grooming one’s linguistic dexterity can … Continue reading

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From Romania, with love.

With the impeccable local transport operating in Gothenburg, which is always on time, there’s rarely a need to wait in the bus stop. The precise travel planner application never lies, and one can plan to arrive at the bus stops … Continue reading

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Taliban Cricket Club

Does the title seem sensational?  Even I thought so. Maybe this seemingly oxymoron of a title made me pick up the book with this title. Also, the author of the book must have known that such a title would stir … Continue reading

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Dealing with religion: Inspire, Inquire, Satire

  Yesterday something unusual happened in my Swedish home – a strong stench pervaded near the kitchen, and I could smell it across the room. After investigating for a while, it was found that one of the eggs had gone … Continue reading

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An Apple a day, kills the planet for you

With all my baggage as being a Free Software guy, this post is not only an anti-Apple rant. So, go on read it, even if you are, on an Apple device. Apple is only an example, and the best to … Continue reading

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Humbler, after one year full year in Sweden

It’s been one full year since I moved to Sweden. And these 365 days, as expected, have been quite a transforming experience. I’m not talking about the less startling culture shocks in terms of food, attire or festivals, nor am … Continue reading

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The futility of human endeavour

When the cosy sprinkle of hot water runs down your bare skin at the end of a long and cold day, one cannot be blamed to let the mind sway frantically into realms of thoughts, that in entirely conscious being … Continue reading

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