The futility of human endeavour

When the cosy sprinkle of hot water runs down your bare skin at the end of a long and cold day, one cannot be blamed to let the mind sway frantically into realms of thoughts, that in entirely conscious being would never occur. After being adrift, down the crests and through the troughs of wild neural seas, the mind then settles down at a centroid of ponderous and, what otherwise would seem unusual mental landscape.
That’s my disclaimer for the rant below.

One such haphazard event, brought out the nihilist in me, who until then I did not know existed inside. I have added a flavour to my nihilism, and I think evolutionary nihilism is close to what I am about to discuss.

My nihilism does not grapple with the purpose of life itself, but with the artificial purpose of life we abide, and live by.

From an evolutionary biological standpoint, along with procreation, creation alone is what is imminent to human existence. We discern ourselves from all the other procreating species simply by creating. Creation based on original ideas is one of the niche traits that has put us at the top of the natural world. It is not to say that our organisation skills as a species have not helped us climb up that ladder: The sheer scale of organisation we are able to accomplish, which hitherto no other species has been able to, by honing the forces of nature stands testimony to the havoc we can, and have unleashed on the planet.

The social networking (a term unscrupulously misused of late) we are able to engage in, as is not a skill confined only to our species, I lay no emphasis on this particular trait. Only the sophistication of this interaction is what is different from other species, which again is a function of our unique creative capabilities, and I return to my original point.

My contention about the lives we live today is that we are betraying that purpose – to create (originally), and are servile to other imperfections of human existence like servility itself.

Just tabulate the tasks each one of us is engaged in, on a daily basis –  enormous amount of our conscious and subconscious efforts are wasted on the artificial constructs which are only curbing the innate need in us to create. Few salient human endeavours that are entirely unnecessary from this post’s standpoint would be – politics, social etiquette, formal education, routines, borders, greed, wars, religion. It is as if, we as a population are keen on aggravating the flaws in us, by nurturing the aforementioned, meaningless and mind-numbing excuses to refrain from creation.

On the other hand, the more scaffolding-type of our traits, manifested as art, music, love in general, and love for food in particular, travel,science, mathematics, literature are all constantly pitted against the previously mentioned futile human endeavours.This by our subverted design seems to be the theme of lives today!

There is an undeniable need for each of us to identify the futility of our endeavours, and invest in more naturally coherent traits we have evolved into. A healthy nihilistic attitude, even if it does sound an oxymoron, is the need of the hour.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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