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Five years in Scandinavia

It’s a strange place to be in. Not in space but in time. August 22nd, 2013, was the day I landed in Sweden, and it’s been full five years in Scandinavia — more importantly, 60 full months away from India. … Continue reading

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Four years in Scandinavia

To say that time flies, I believe, is a grave misnomer. I’d rather see time as something that flows and flows hurriedly; like a stream rushing down a mountain crevice. As of 22nd August, 2017, I have lived four years outside … Continue reading

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Sense and Sensibilities

Long train rides, after tedious days of mental toiling is rife with the possibilities of wandering into the alleys of the mind. Add to this, the film-reel of changing landscapes that’s flashing past the eyes, streaming picturesque fields adorned with … Continue reading

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Sweden or Denmark?

A common question I encounter these days is, if I like Sweden better or Denmark. I refrained from answering that question for a long time, as either choice would be based on strong biases. For instance, Sweden was the first … Continue reading

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“We are together, because we are alone”

Even simplest of the chores, when away from home, in a different country, can be daunting. After more than two years in Sweden, I still can’t get a decent haircut – mainly because I cannot convey myself clearly – and … Continue reading

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From Romania, with love.

With the impeccable local transport operating in Gothenburg, which is always on time, there’s rarely a need to wait in the bus stop. The precise travel planner application never lies, and one can plan to arrive at the bus stops … Continue reading

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An Apple a day, kills the planet for you

With all my baggage as being a Free Software guy, this post is not only an anti-Apple rant. So, go on read it, even if you are, on an Apple device. Apple is only an example, and the best to … Continue reading

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Humbler, after one year full year in Sweden

It’s been one full year since I moved to Sweden. And these 365 days, as expected, have been quite a transforming experience. I’m not talking about the less startling culture shocks in terms of food, attire or festivals, nor am … Continue reading

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Drag reading “Fishing in Utopia”

Now that I have read it, I must admit I am left disappointed. This is one of those few books that I searched amply, and when I got hold of it was thrilled and began reading. Fishing in Utopia, by … Continue reading

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When she comes, she comes draped in white

When I embraced you last night, pressed tightly to your teats, listening to my own heart beats, Weren’t you as I left you, au naturel? Your chills relieve me off my sleep, to witness my white blindness like in Saramago’s … Continue reading

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