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PhD Series: 1. Getting a position

The past year — 2018 — was an important one for several reasons. A primary reason being I successfully completed my PhD in Medical Image Analysis at the University of Copenhagen. I will try to delve into what completing the … Continue reading

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Five years in Scandinavia

It’s a strange place to be in. Not in space but in time. August 22nd, 2013, was the day I landed in Sweden, and it’s been full five years in Scandinavia — more importantly, 60 full months away from India. … Continue reading

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An Outsider’s peek into Danish Political Incorrectness

My initial impressions of Denmark were formed quickly, within the first few weeks, after meeting only a handful of Danes (and by now has been corrected for sampling bias). That I had lived in Sweden just before I moved to … Continue reading

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How I consume Art

Modern art, for all its quirks and provocations, is often hastily brushed off as hypocritical. I watched a Swedish movie The Square, which was disconcerting to watch. By disconcerting, I don’t mean it in a gross manner but it did … Continue reading

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Four years in Scandinavia

To say that time flies, I believe, is a grave misnomer. I’d rather see time as something that flows and flows hurriedly; like a stream rushing down a mountain crevice. As of 22nd August, 2017, I have lived four years outside … Continue reading

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Sweden or Denmark?

A common question I encounter these days is, if I like Sweden better or Denmark. I refrained from answering that question for a long time, as either choice would be based on strong biases. For instance, Sweden was the first … Continue reading

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Cosy in Copenhagen…

It was one of those random thoughts that occur suddenly – usually, just before falling asleep – I had ‘moved’ from Sweden to Denmark, and I had done so unceremoniously! This transition was so abrupt and it happened amidst so … Continue reading

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How is it for you in India?

This question actually had me off guard and unprepared – how is it for you in India? It was a broader question as to how it was in general for people in India. This inquiry came from two different people … Continue reading

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