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How I consume Art

Modern art, for all its quirks and provocations, is often hastily brushed off as hypocritical. I watched a Swedish movie The Square, which was disconcerting to watch. By disconcerting, I don’t mean it in a gross manner but it did … Continue reading

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Transcribing a dream

It was a tall tree. In fact, it was the tallest in all of that ancient forest. Sitting at its foot, he was angry from the encounter before. Not just angry, he was agitated enough that he started to chip … Continue reading

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Young Karl Marx: Up the list!

As the pilot would have said, we were cruising at 35000 ft above sea-level over the Atlantic, and just about 2 hours into the flight I was beaming in my seat, with goosebumps all over. Thanks to the movie protagonist … Continue reading

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Stirred by Tchaikovsky

“V for Vendetta” is, unequivocally, my favourite movie. Beyond impressing the principles of the protagonist, it has also had a deep impact on several aesthetic aspects in me. For a start, my blog “Ideas are Immortal” is a paraphrasing of … Continue reading

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