Growing up, demystifying logic.

What is the most ludicrous reasoning that you remember from your childhood?

Take a moment and just think about all the answers that you had convinced yourself with, when you were still discovering the world.

I have ranging from cute to hilarious memories from my childhood, here are a few:

I don’t think now the gurkhas,  the night watchmen who go on strolls at midnight still do it. When I was really small, maybe when in class one or two, I remember how scared I used to be to the ‘hooooot. tappp. tapppp….’ rhythm, when it would reverberate at midnight. In Rajajinagar, then it was on Thursdays.
I was too scared to ask my parents what it was, and reasoned out to myself that a special police was scaring off the ghosts from the night business. Now it seems unbelievable, as to how I almost never missed any Thursday, and was trembling in my bed thinking hard not to think about it.The demystification happened maybe when I had seen the gurkha in broad daylight collecting money from my mom, after a few years.

My sister once when asked in her kindergarten class, “How do radios work”, supposedly said “My dad puts batteries in it, and it works”, and the entire incident got amusingly reported back to my parents.

Likewise, there was this hoax that was being circulated and with all the adults I too was victimised. This was a case where a ghost supposedly was attacking homes, and if you had written “naale baa” (come tomorrow), it would read this instruction, and come for the next tomorrow, hence indefinitely delaying its attack. Tomorrow Never Dies, released well after this incident. Now you know where they got the title.
Well, I too wrote it on my door, with wet white chalk! Of course I wondered, why should I write only in Kannada, and what if the ghost did not know Kannada!

These incidents from my experience, can be no different for many of you. Answering questions with our imagination is a very humane trait. We are designed to learn, and understand, or at least fill voids in understanding with answers. And the answer also to the conception of God is evident from these personal experiences. If we look at society, or civilisation as an entity the collective cognisance also craves for answers, and by now it is well established that ignorance and natural imagination led us into personifying God/Gods.

Personally, the bigger demystification about religion and God took more time. Nonetheless, the ‘God is the creator’ argument never had convinced me. When in class 5 or close to that I learnt about Darwin’s theory of Evolution, it seemed to make perfect sense. And the agnostic started thriving in me ever since. From a born polytheist, to a monotheist, then a brief period of being an agnostic it has taken me a journey to attain the salvation of being an atheist.

On the other hand, the society is struggling with questions. When it has taken me, an individual with moderate thinking abilities close to 20 years to learn the truth about God or religion, that does not sound absurd or hilarious, societies even after millennia are stuck in awkward positions with the questions about God and Science.

Sadly still satisfied with hypothesis, I must say.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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  1. Karthik says:

    Well said Raghavendra 🙂

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