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Socially necessary value of oneself

An interesting observation by a fellow rationale was reported to me, about me having a broad network with wide range of people in it (not on Facebook!), but the real people network. Well, even if I was quite aware of … Continue reading

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Information gradient

Asymmetric Polarization has been a certain trait of society, as far as all the documented history of human race have revealed. This conscious polarization of the society into one small advantageous section, and a large suppressed section has been true … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Reading this autobiographical, tell-all book by John Perkins seemed surreal.I am not someone who is very naive about manipulations; I would at least be able to discern between genuine attempts of foreign support, with those of attempts towards hegemonic domination, … Continue reading

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Secluded in the cities

Over a casual chat, a friend discussed an observation to me, which was rather very interesting, and worth pondering further, beyond the discussion. According to him,in the daily urban chaos, the aspect of socializing (in the real terms), which is … Continue reading

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The Free Culture imperative

Excellent painting depicting One World, by Joe Average Being part of a movement which in the grand picture aspires towards freedom of knowledge in the digital domain, and a future with access to free knowledge to all of humanity is … Continue reading

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