The Free Culture imperative

Excellent painting depicting One World, by Joe Average

Being part of a movement which in the grand picture aspires towards freedom of knowledge in the digital domain, and a future with access to free knowledge to all of humanity is an incessantly revelatory experience. Every event and interaction brings more clarity about the big daunting task in front of each of us: The big task of getting back to the Free Culture environment.

If we are the social beings, who have evolved to acquire this cooperative intelligence as the niche aspect of evolution in the race to survival, curbing it would not only be unnatural, but a major disadvantage as well.

The creativity each one of us is packaged with, if utilized collectively,  and at the same time allowing our individual work open to improvisation by others is the only natural law we have to stay bound to. That is how a community thrives.

The culture of sharing, although is superficially professed in most cultures, the contradictory behavioral impact renders most of the individuals socially crippled. They feel it antagonistic to collaborate with others. A weird sense of animosity can be observed in people by the time they grow beyond their childhood.

In this regard, the Free Knowledge Movement has more than adequately proven to the world, that working together with shared contributions is the way to go forward for humanity. It isn’t something new to us, but something that is at the verge of oblivion, due to increasing noise of self centeredness amongst the people. The only difference of the shared contributions then and today is the tangibility of measuring today’s results:
Within a decade, the most comprehensive embodiment of all the information we ought to know has been created out of purely shared and collective contributions – The Wikipedia.
Creative Commons, within a few years has enabled the best of the community talent in the form of  literature, pictures, music, videos etc to get richer and better.
And needless to mention, all of the Free Software, which has been beautifully created, with more love and passion than the technology drive itself.

These many paramount manifestations convey one absolute message to the world: Endorse Free Culture, by which I mean openness in every social aspect of life. The future is bleak if we do not grasp the imperative for Free Culture, across the world.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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