Nature vs Man and his worldly goods

The post title, inspired from one good book I am yet to read “Man and his Worldly goods”, suits best to describe the mindset of us humans, with respect to our frivolous perception of Mother Nature.

The Japanese catastrophic natural calamities, as unfortunate they are, should also be serving as warning bells and breakpoints to the rest of us. So that, we can look back, observe where we stand and imagine our future.

The City of Yagawahama in Miyagi, Japan 2007 and after the earthquake, tsunami 

Unscrupulous exhaustion of natural resources, extensive pollution and the increasing burden we are becoming to Mother Nature has been made evident with consequences such as the global warming, erratic weather patterns, untimely rains, famines and other natural repercussions.
It is not that I am scientifically correlating the current Japanese earthquakes, tsunami and volcanoes to the unscrupulousness we have exhibited for centuries now.  But, correlating only the consequences: The reason this time might have been natural, but the consequences for our misdoings could be the same, or might get even worse at a global scale. If we do not stop right now, and try contain the damage we have already unleashed there is no future to us on the Earth.

Having quoted Paulo Coelho even in a previous post of mine, I reiterate this apt statement:
Save the planet? The Planet must be saying, “Save yourself idiots, I will be fine” 
It is high time we realize this and have it forever in mind.

At least as a means of self preservation, we must halt the extreme levels of exploiting Mother Nature and her gifts to us.

All the recklessness, restlessness, remorselessness, that has become the way of life needs to be replenished with deep respect, which was so inherent to our predecessors.
When Japan, indisputably, technology-wise the most sophisticated country in the world has been shattered by the wrath and fury of Mother Nature, we must come to realize our place in the mechanics of the Universe. When such is the value of the sophistications we are ever boasting of, there are better things to concentrate upon. If we could reduce the antagonism between us humans, at the levels of communities, states, countries and what other non-sense, that would serve the best to all of us.

I do not endorse the Mayan Calendar, nor believe in the genius of Nostradamus. Nevertheless, I too can proclaim the prophecy that, if we are not ‘stopping’ these atrocious levels of unscrupulous exploitation of nature and her resources, we will see the END; Not for the Earth, but of the supposedly ‘intelligent’ creatures who lived on the Earth!

PS: Let us exhibit some basic sense of humanity, and share the grief and loss that japan is coping up to, rather than mocking at them and their circumstances by celebrating futilities such as cricket!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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