Right Ho, Jeeves!

Got on to reading fiction after quite sometime; And this time I made it a point to get hold of some humor. Based on the collective opinions of some friends and a huge reputation online, PG Wodehouse was the name appearing everywhere.

Right Ho, Jeeves! was the book, and I am relishing the fact that I was smiling almost half the book and giggling within for the rest of it. Also having known that the subtle and witty Jeeves was played by one of my favorite actors Stephen Fry, Jeeves throughout was played by him in my imagination.

Although Jeeves has very few lines, and very little presence on the scenes, he’s undoubtedly the protagonist and most of the scenes as imagined by me also had him heavily occupying his master Wooster’s thoughts !

And this vividness PG Wodehouse brings about with his simple language and effective narration allows one to travel into the country side house and be part of the audience in most of the hilarious scenes.

Will be looking forward to some more of PG Wodehouse books; for now, will try to own the Jeeves and Wooster TV series with Stephen Fry playing Jeeves 🙂
Right Ho!

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2 Responses to Right Ho, Jeeves!

  1. Akshatha says:

    And that's one of the TV series that actually does justice to a character from books. Waiting for another post after you're done with the series. 🙂

  2. Oh sure… I am big admirer of Stephen Fry. He was actually introduced to me from the Free Software angle :)http://vimeo.com/2005994

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