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Hurting my non-religious sentiments!

/Me is a non-religious person, a proud atheist, and this post might well encapsulate in a frivolous sense the subtle ‘trauma’ our diaspora is being conditioned to. Well, here are some of my genuinely exaggerated confessions:P If you thought non-religious … Continue reading

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Disassembling Logic

Well out of the lot many things running in my head competing to get out onto my blog, the following post has made it first and for reasons evident in the following paragraphs. The question of thoughts, ideas, imagination, rationalization, … Continue reading

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How far can one go riding on rationality?

Encountering rationales is getting tougher by the day in today’s technology driven world. As paradoxical it might seem, irrationality is getting ubiquitous in the 21st Century. In a world run on the principles of scientific inquisition and technological accomplishments, a … Continue reading

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Festivals, to the ones like me ;-)

What could be better than a day’s off from work, substituted by relaxing at home, with lots to eat and feast on, while watching some special TV, apart from the warmth of the togetherness, with the added amusement provided by … Continue reading

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