Accommodating myself amidst people and their expectations

Sometimes I wonder whatever that I am, is it because it was always there in me and I have been only discovering it, or have the people around been operating on me and compelled me to invent these traits in me as seen today ?
I consciously try not to cater to the expectations people would want to adorn me with, although with the truest of their intentions. Or, maybe I do absorb some of their aspirations about me into me, and then try pushing my horizons.
Once I have expanded my boundaries mentally, I then have always tried to fill it with efforts and as it has transpired hitherto, I have been able to expand myself and to fit into those larger shoes, and thus my growth.
Is it that I am trying to position myself in the image other people have envisaged of me – Maybe, yes! But, only when I am convinced that it would be something congruent and natural to what I have already embarked to do. It should simply align to my evolving ethos.
It also happens that sometimes these expectations might bog one down under their burden; While I believe there is a mental threshold which is dynamic, and clips these external aspirations in order to fit the true person I know I am.
This post is not to criticize all the real well wishers I am fortunate to be surrounded with, but only to project out the reality to myself, so that although sweet I don’t get deluded in an illusion. These expectations serve as an incessant source of inspiration and for sure keep me motivated.
All I can assure to others, and more so to myself is that I will always strive to get better, with no fixed targets, for, who knows even that might become a dead end and halt my growth.
I will flow, and keep expanding.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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