Staying inspired!

Inspiration is another of those neural obscurities, directly impacting our daily lives and in the long run shaping up our core principles and our personalities.

Deriving inspiration from multiplicity of sources influences our take on life and molds us into the projections of the images of various of these inspirations.

Nature is the grandest of the sources of inspiration. She has been perpetually inspiring some of the greatest minds to accomplish what ever they were to do. Both in the form of art and science, nature gives boundless inspirations, clues, troubles and joy driving our efforts bidirectionally – within us so that our passion gets deep rooted into us, and beyond us to engulf the world with our passion.

Apart from nature, deriving inspiration from ideas is the next and the best way to keep oneself motivated. Ideas are the most tangible of human attributes, which although not quantifiable by themselves have shaped up our history and have constant influence on our future. Identifying oneself with some of the eternal ideas which weave humanity together is necessary to put ourselves into the context of the journey that we have all embarked upon. When we identify and align our ideologies with a school of thought is when it becomes conducive for us to ideate based on this school of thought, or dissent and influence the rest of the world with our ideas, radically.

Nature and ideas are, to put it in a way inexhaustible sources of inspiration. Nature and ideas have a small disconnect of being abstract to some extent.

But, if a person were to derive inspiration from another human being, the inspiration comes with all the gamut of human potentials and flaws, and emulating them helps one correlate well to the pragmaticity of life.

Again, people and inspiration can be of two variants: One from the lives of people who have been immortalized in the pages of history, for the lives they had. Seeking inspiration by reminiscing such great minds is still an indirect but excellent way to position ourselves in relation to their lives.
Galileo, Newton, Shakespeare, Charles Darwin, Oscar Wilde, Einstein,Che Guevara, Feynman, Ramanujan, and the list goes on. Deriving inspiration from these great minds also has the benefit of making abstraction associated with ideas to correlate to real people.

The other category are from our contemporaries and peers. Knowing someone in person and wanting to emulate some portions of that person is in fact the most effective source of inspiration. For, when we know someone in flesh and blood, the efforts that goes into making their lives worth looking up to are visible to us; To know the amount of dedication one needs to put in is something we lose out when seeking inspiration from other abstract means. Sheer luck, or coincidence never can create sources of inspiration in people.

I have been lucky in this regard to have known in person a handful of real inspiring people, and to look up to them – trying to emulate them and in the process knowing that I have grown, is bliss of the highest order.

Staying inspired is the only way of life forward 🙂

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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