And down grounds the ego…

While it all seems like a frictionless glide, allowing the ego to swell to the fullest and the momentum to go full throttle, there comes a necessary prick. A prick which deflates everything that’s swollen and grounds the now helium filled ego down to an equilibrium point. It hits like an unseen obstacle on the forehead; RSVP’s a serendipitous encounter with the ever humble, unfaking, simple revelation: The Reality.

When unchecked, the chances of losing oneself in his/her own oneiric world, detached from the roots of reality are extremely high. Such a state is not only temporary, it also erodes the quality of the time to come.

The constant cognizance of the fact that we are nothing but deep voids,and no amount of straw filling can even begin filling up these voids must be borne always. The scale of learning, growing and disseminating each one engages in is miniscule, when compared to all that is yet to be sought.

Vanity in relative superiority is perilous, and there should be only the aspect of pride when appraised with oneself. The metric should always be ourselves; never should we delve into relative comparison. By saying this I don’t imply to endorse ‘hypocrisy with a tinge of humility’, but only the realization of the cliched fact that “Known is a drop, and unknown is an ocean”.

Relative comparison either puts one in a deludingly superior position, or a depressingly inferior position; Both of these are unnecessary when one thrives to increase and make positive the rate of growth of the self at this instant, when compared to some recent point in time in the past.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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