Fulfilling emptiness….

Both socilasing and solitude are necessary to keep us sane. Just that we long for one of these, when the other has been experienced in excess. But being stuck in one of these extremities might render some extreme ramifications – one either becomes a hermit, or an identity-less chunk in the crowd.
I am now relishing solitude after an excessive dosage of socialising. AR Rahman is singing quite aptly and filling the air with “thanimai thanimaiyo” , as I am writing this now.
It is as if I am getting back to myself; as if to catch up with a portion of me I had forgotten and to savour every moment with this interaction. Music and unfettered thoughts both playing at full force : serenity. It seems that I was longing for it for quite sometime.  
You are your truest self, when alone, I had read somewhere, and what better opportunity than when in solitude to rendezvous the unfaking self.
Solitude is not just about introspection, although that comes as default. It is more on the lines of rediscovering, revealing and rejuvenating the self. It has an unparalleled power to appease the disturbances, distilling the mind.
Bliss when caressed secured in the bosoms of Mother Nature and the bliss in the damp warmth of seclusion are but extreme, yet sublime experiences.
My slowly dawning revelation of a close companion – words, seem to flow out with ease, articulating my thoughts with utmost fidelity in an ambiance uninterrupted by the chaos of the routine. Intimate and profound thoughts quantify as ideas and take form as my scribblings. At this juncture I also am introspecting this companionship, and validating if I haven’t fooled myself. To question my caliber of writing is a routine passing question.
And even before I have completed thinking of the question, the answer already is surfacing up. Why does it have to be gauged at all! It is fulfilling, complementing and extending myself beyond the biological me, and is that not a valid reason to stop questioning of its caliber and let it flow? I do write to cater to others, but only after gratifying my own urges to vent out, ideate and express.
The post as you have read on, if you noticed has no structure at all! It is the crudest of my posts, in saying that it also lacks any intent to pretend or preach.
It is quite an irony to see how emptiness can also be satiating. But is it emptiness at all is the question 🙂

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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