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Not just another brick in the wall!

I must finally, and gladly admit that the last one month of my life has been the most satiating in terms of the quality conversion that has been in progress, of time into tangible efforts. Not teaching, but facilitating, and … Continue reading

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Less personal,More social

A personal observation about the contents I’m discoursing on my personal blog: It certainly is getting unbalanced. Unbalanced in terms of the contexts of the content being discoursed. My initial posts, if some of you have read/ been reading, would … Continue reading

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Secluded in the cities

Over a casual chat, a friend discussed an observation to me, which was rather very interesting, and worth pondering further, beyond the discussion. According to him,in the daily urban chaos, the aspect of socializing (in the real terms), which is … Continue reading

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Making my moves, like i wanted to!

Taking decisions in life, now, when I am at the verge of an important decision feels like playing a tricky game of chess! I have thought deeply, evaluated the consequences, guaged the prospects and hoped for the optimum, and it … Continue reading

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How far can one go riding on rationality?

Encountering rationales is getting tougher by the day in today’s technology driven world. As paradoxical it might seem, irrationality is getting ubiquitous in the 21st Century. In a world run on the principles of scientific inquisition and technological accomplishments, a … Continue reading

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Discerning the materialist in me

Am I a materialist? Yes and No. Yes: In the context of non-idealism; in my manners of understanding everything around me. This tinge of materialism in me is what has enabled me to grow an outlook endorsing rationality and self … Continue reading

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Self deception in the process of gross deception…

It’s quite amazing as to how we can make ourselves believe, almost in a manner of self-deception, by repeatedly emphasising on something fictitious to be factual, either about our own persona or of our perceptions. Being absolutely honest about oneself … Continue reading

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Whether Weather rescued me?

Okay, no high hopes about this post. It ain’t a log of an action filled rescue operation, or anything stereotype that has been coming out of me off late 😛 For a couple of days, for some reasons inexplicable even … Continue reading

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Focussed to distract

Focus and distractions are another pair of coexistent conflicting opposites, I should concur. It must have been a few minutes since the post title, and while trying to contemplate content for jotting down here, I find myself wandering in the … Continue reading

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Miracles, we are

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle -The genius of Albert Einstein I do realize this is a clichéd quote, but, how many of us … Continue reading

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