Focussed to distract

Focus and distractions are another pair of coexistent conflicting opposites, I should concur.

It must have been a few minutes since the post title, and while trying to contemplate content for jotting down here, I find myself wandering in the cyberspace, away from my draft board.
This has been the case with me for all the time I remember about myself,with respect to all the work I have done. It might seem that my activities emanate out of strict or near disciplined focus. But, seldom has that been the case. Intermittent, but regular impulses of involuntary focus is what I can attribute myself with.
By which I mean,

Personally, it has been tough to get me to do what I do, for, all i want to do is not always what I get to do. 

This seems quite natural, and correlative to most of our mindsets.

Inculcating focus and attention is subjectively relative. As in, it is absolutely independent of individual and the subject, but has all to do with the relation between the two. The intrigue or, the incentive an individual aspires out of the interaction with the subject is what would decide the extent of focussed attention he/she would allocate to all the entities around.

Nevertheless, if one wants to analyse the psychological algorithm behind the switching mechanism from being focussed to distracted, or vice versa, a personal, ironical experience might help:

The moment I get conscious of either being focussed or distracted, I am involuntarily found switched to the other mode. 

PS: Focussed to distract, and vice versa

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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