Blinding power of solidarity

I was lucky enough to witness the sheer magnificence and grandeur of Music Choirs yesterday, in Bangalore. It was scintillating, and  a sublime musical experience. Live music is always more powerful than the recorded counterpart, and this was manifested to me in full strength in a reputed institution’s annual Christmas event.

While the music was intoxicating, I was also witnessing an undercurrent of a very very powerful human devised tool – Faith.

Not only in yesterday’s event, but all the grand religious and spiritual events of Hinduism,or Islam, the power exalted by the solidarity and  bonding, centered around the unrealistic Hope as the reason is mind boggling.
It is almost unfathomable to me, to understand how people are convinced beyond doubts about the hope they exhibit in the divine powers! Although, it is very pleasant to witness such events of solidarity, with bubbling love and hope, I am forced to think of the consequences of such activities, which drift people away from the reality, deluding them all life.

Not to mention the narrow mindedness and seclusions which are inherent to religions. Although, each boasts of secularism and coexistence it has been evident in various points of time in the history, till the present day how faith and religion ultimately take up the shape of fanaticism, hampering the society in a profound manner.

At this juncture, I find it timely to clarify a standpoint which a certain few of you have been asking me:

I am not ‘for’ any of the religions, but against all of them. 

People must be able to live lives which are not fake based on lifelong hoaxes!
We, being the so called ‘rational’ beings must exhibit this trait not individually, but as a combined entity. In this direction, we have lot of work to be done.

Finally, not to  blame the music; Music is an intoxicator, and an efficient one.  To use such a beautiful thing to convey permanent unrealism is disheartening.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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