Miracles, we are

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle
-The genius of Albert Einstein
I do realize this is a clichéd quote, but, how many of us have really got to feel the essence of this statement? 
Haven’t we all started living the first way, with no awe and admiration for all the small, little, important things in life?
If you ask me, I’d stick to the latter ideology. 
Everything is a Miracle!
Forever, until this moment, the simplicity and the grandeur; the scale and the variety; the comprehension and the obscurity; the beauty and the serenity, pertaining to each and every, small and big creation and manifestation of Nature, coupled with the interaction and interference of us humans has kept me at the zenith of awe and admiration, or at least I hope to be there soon. 
Every simple facet of existence exhibited by Mother Nature and Father Time is attributable to nothing less than miracles.Without digressing into the obvious miracles, like the vastness and eternity of the Universe, or the existence of life on the Earth, let us unleash the subtle ones. 
Personally, The Clouds still remain the most fascinating and intriguing manifestation of the exact quality we are discussing about. I can never stop wondering about the indefinite patterns spread over the blue canvas of the sky. This is just one of the marvels, which despite the science, logic and reasoning gives a kind of incomprehensible bliss to the other marvelous existence in the Universe, i.e.,Our Minds, projected by the NNN-Natural Neural Networks headed by the Human Brain. 
Although the brain is what is prompting me to jot this down, I do not think it is a narcissist, for, it promptly attributes these qualities not to itself but the culmination of millions of years of trillions of small changes as directed by Time. 
The boundless imagination, the seamless creativity, the never depleting resource of thoughts and ideas, the vivid world visualized within the mind are the things which we seldom stop to savor and be awed with. 
So near, yet so far…
Often, if not always, it is imperative we stop and look at everything around, including ourselves and recognize the miracles that we have come to be, and celebrate in the spirit of Nature by trying to emulate her with a polite mimicking of her manifestations. 
Imagine, Ideate and Create:-)
Wonder, Awe and Admiration will keep us inspired to do more than what our un-instigated mind would usually want to.
As a final thought, isn’t it marvelous that the scattered and scrambled thoughts emanating from my mind have been communicated to you, and that my mind has just now touched yours?
Miracle, it is:Miracles, we are;
PS: imagine, ideate and create

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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