Resuscitate the dying Democracy!

First the facts:

At the Centre:

  •  The 2G spectrum licensing scam by the Telecom Minister amounting to 1,73,000 crore rupees! An unrelenting and defiant minister playing his dirty politics tricks in the safe haven of coalition government.
  • Common Wealth Games embezzlement, nepotism and other corruptions which cost the mediocre infrastructure for the games a whooping 70,000 crore rupees. This scam seems to be at the verge of oblivion, for there have been newer, bigger and better scams surfacing up, for the media to chew on.
  •  As a crowning notoriety to all the scams hitherto, comes the Adarsh Housing Society scam, where the land alloted for the widows and family members of war martyrs has been grabbed by the influentials, to convert it into a posh apartment with flats for all the accomplices. What a shame!

In Karnataka, here:

  •  The never ending saga of the horse-trade of MLA’s;  An over-expanding cabinet where the ruling party is at the fix of handing out minister posts to all their legislators!
  •  The false majority at the Legislative Houses, which has been successfully manipulated by luring and enticing the legislators with the raw power of money!
  • Another mega-scam at the verge of oblivion – The Illegal Mining Mafia ( remember the tussle between Lokayukta vs the State Govt.?) Studies show that this scam has cost the state of Karnataka nothing less than 23,000 crore rupees!

With a discomfortingly revelatory prologue such as this, and with the facts about the deep rooted corruption plaguing everywhere, there is a strong requirement for all the responsible and sensible citizens to take a call and cleanse this sickening, parasitic trend of politics, which is eating into the country, feeding on its people, ultimately nullifying the revered ideology of Democracy-By,Of and For the People!

I apprehend, if there is any hope at all for the citizens to expect anything for their good in this rotten system! Corruption has come to be a mandatory prerequisite to become a politician, and in the real sense of it.
Is there a chance that these leaders could give any heed to the real and basic needs of people?
They are super busy spending all their time and all our resources either in filling their personal treasuries, or saving their arses from the fire behind them!

Political morality, if there is anything like it, has to be inculcated/reinvigorated in this chaotic system filled with corrupt highfalutins. This sorry state of the state and the country, with the not-so sorry politicians making people feel sorry by the day has to be rectified.

People have to regain their conviction: They must demand and work towards resurrecting the miserably failing ideology of democracy here in India – The world’s largest Democracy!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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1 Response to Resuscitate the dying Democracy!

  1. anupama says:

    Indians have a volatile memory-anytyhing shocking is conveniently forgotten after a few days.We react to events impulsively,emotionally(to the point of senselessness) and then forget convenientlyOur politicians are well aware of this and use it to their best advantageScams,each more humiliating than the previous result,are read,heard spoken about,erased.We ask politicians to make puppets of usThe illiterate are unaware and ignorant,the literate and educated too busy-who wants to involve when their life goes on as usual .We need to take the drastic step to change our outlook if we want to oust corruptionElse India will soon(if not already has) will befirst in the field of corruption and notoriety among other offenses and we may be too thick-skinned and allow "our leaders" to make us feel proud of it

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