The coexistence of Conflicting opposites

The term Contradiction is not something of a rarity in the Universe. The way Universe has come to be, as far as our understanding spans, is a consequence of conflicting opposites, coexisting at every instant of, all the time that has passed; Let us for example consider the naturally occurring,
Nuclear Fusion vs Nuclear Fission.

Avoiding the debate of the Big Bang and the subsequent immediate speculations, allow me to start from The virtually eternal hydrogen cloud that there was: Simplistically put, Fission produces sufficient energy to trigger Fusion. Then Fusion has/is converting the hydrogen to become all the elements known to us today. Fission and Fusion are conflicting opposites -One breaks, while the other makes. But, both together struggle and coexist, synthesizing all that is we are and we see today across the Universe.

If analysed thoroughly, there is for everything that exists: A thesis and an antithesis. The sedimentation of existence is the Synthesis of the conflicting Thesis and anti-thesis.

Let us consider further such ubiquitous, universally true and coexisting but conflicting opposites depicted in the graphic below.

And at personal levels, each and every decision we take at every instant of our lives is a synthesis of choosing between two coexisting choices. At this instant, I am faced with the choice of either continuing this argument or to Stop.
The synthesis of this dilemma is for you to see, as I complete this post.

The concept of the coexistence of conflicting opposites is something that can be observed ubiquitously, and scrutinized thoroughly at every walk of our lives, and every interaction in the Universe.

There perpetuates an infinite struggle between the coexisting opposites (thesis and anti-thesis) to leave behind sediments (synthesis), which might appear as cognizance, impact, logic or change to us.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to The coexistence of Conflicting opposites

  1. taicarmen says:

    Fision vs fusion and the creation of the universe: wonderful example of thesis and antithesis working together!

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