Resonance at work

Working in a team is not something that I naturally am good at – and there are multiple reasons for it. I am a megalomaniac and I believe (yes, even now) that a task that I can do cannot be delivered by another person to the extent that I can do,and without a decent track record to substantiate it I might not trust someone with any work šŸ˜›

This puts me in a fix, where I cannot of course do all the tasks myself and while I have unwillingly assigned tasks to others am hoping that they don’t make it seem less effective than what I would have wanted it to be. This paranoia is what is also holds me back many a times, for I think I am a conservative on these lines.

But there are instances and few teams which are impeccable : rare confluences of talents and skills which I can blindly rely upon (for either I have already scrutinised them before hand, or are unbelievable bunch of talents together) and can perform as a unit without giving me the shocks of paranoia, to be apprehending a goof up at any scale.

The latest event that we set rolling at BMSIT was a perfect experience of one such amazing experience. The team we arrived at, has been one of the most versatile, capable and efficient. That “aaah, no need to worry” feeling was prevalent in me all through the event. The problem of assigning tasks to people, and then being worried if it is being implemented at all, and if it is in what quality is more arduous than taking up and doing the task itself. But, the exceptional cadres of the team working at BMSIT, now I realise, never gave me a chance to worry on these lines at all! And what we ended up doing was an unprecedented show of technical and organisational acumen.

Trust me when I say how difficult it is to find a team as dedicated and motivated, with all the combination of skills and efficiency as the one which worked at BMSIT! Only if this were true with every team, and utopias don’t exist šŸ˜›

So, to the entire team at BMSIT for doing something different and awesome on technical lines, but more than anything to have made a whole bunch of memorable experiences and enriching the treasure of memories – CHEERS!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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