Convectional nature of impending priorities

The whole blissful aspect of we humans is that we are adaptive – more adaptive than the most sophisticated of computers. If one stagnates on this distinction for sometime, the consequences are waiting to get dire.

The analogy of convection heat current, which I use it for more than explaining heat flow in many occasions also seems befitting to tackle priorities. When a priority reaches the top of our list and we are incessantly putting in effort to keep it on the top, the ones we have pushed to the bottom cannot remain there forever, unless we want the system to go abnormal. The heat, or the efforts must flow into all the priorities in the container of our life, in a cycle. Without this cyclic nature of catering to priorities, the dormancy and stagnancy that ends up building in us is perilous to say the least. The impact is worse than what one would have faced if not changed priorities in the first place.

The only defining principle for long, for me to be doing things I have been doing has been to do what I simply want to do. Now, how does one tackle a situation when there are more than one affiliations to cater to? How do you balance?

And now, after dodging for the last few lines I arrive at the problem I am trying to put forth – balancing.

I have let things go haphazard for more than the contingency time I had for myself, and am in a fix without having a ready fix to get this fixed.

All I need to do is peddle the cycle of priorities, push things which are light for now and cater to the heavier ones.

PS: I have more than anything promised myself that I shall be posting on my blog lot more regularly! I am missing me 😛

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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