Science : satisfaction guaranteed!

Craving for satisfaction is simply one of the natural pursuits of us humans, and through ages what we have in our social evolution have developed are different channels to accomplish the ever enticing sense of complete gratification.

Religion, art, literature, power, and I argue even science are paths we tread upon in pursuit of this enticement of gratification. It seems to innate nature of us that we want to feel ‘contended’. Not even a toddler can compromise with means which are mediocre for its play, and we all grow with this deep urge towards gratification.

Interestingly the seemingly successful stint of capitalism also thrives on quenching these urges with commodities rather than humanity. So, my point here is to draw in science as the ultimate means of gratification.

First let me take up my own example- I find it scintillating every time to transcend into new realms of science which just revel me the revelations in store. Evolution, relativity, quantum mechanics are some macro concepts which of course are capable of instigating awe and disbelief in most people who even get acquainted with it.
But i am not even addressing these ‘popular’ science phenomena- simpler, relatively simpler or rather less popular ideas like the transform theory(Fourier, Laplace etc), electromagnetic theory, Euler’s identity, Maxwell’s equations, atomic model, and host of other ideas.

In these cases it is not just the physics that revels me- it is also the structural beauty of the mathematics conveying these ideas. It is hard for me to imagine how someone who understands the implications of Fourier transform theory can remain without appreciating it or even adoring it!

Well, this being my case, i think even individual scientific inquiries have been conducted to quench a mind’s thirst for gratification with comprehension, challenges and accomplishment. It would be only in rare cases that science has made progress accidentally! In majority of cases science rolls ahead on the track laid by individual minds in quest to quench their thirst for scientific understanding, manifesting an innate attribute of pursuit of gratification.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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