sudo init 6

I now end up blaming time, but I don’t think it is lack of time – ineffecient use of time, maybe. It isn’t always possible to multitask too many tasks. So, it seems I have hit a personal bottleneck, wherein my overall efficiency seems to be deteriorating. All I know for real is that it will be temporary.

This could be nothing more than a regular phase of introspection, where I might have failed myself – and recurringly. The concern although here is that, my saga of inefficiency seems to be defining me. And that I’m afraid is not very healthy.

While sometime back my commitments to tasks were known to be reliable, now there seems to be a presumed latency that has attached itself to it and that bothers me. I am trying in the best of my abilities, within the constraints to cater to all the facets of my responsibilities. I am still consistently working on a few really important ones, the next level of still important tasks seem to be taking a backseat.

There are zillions of other crucial things to mind than this rant of mine. So,do I just switch modes – get out from this trough to ride a crest? Maybe, yes – that’s the only sensible thing to do!

Can’t waste myself on bothering about why I am wasting myself!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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