Workers: They’re still the heroes!

In this post, I take off from one point I made in a recent post about Delhi.

From KR Market to Mehrauli market, India is deeply connected by its roots, namely the working class people.

It seemed a good verbal disposal at that point in time, but now it seems to linger in my head as if I have had a revelation.

I was walking in our own Bengaluru’s legendary KR Market, amidst all the chaos, buzz and the liveliness. I was simultaneously comparing it with my strolls within the humongous Information and technology parks, and the soullessness associated with it and the automatons drifting in those alleys, powerlessly.

In the market here, on the streets were people, who weren’t affluent in most senses of the contemporary definition of affluence, but seemed busy and occupied in their efforts at pursuing happiness.

While I was almost cribbing to myself about the 5th kilometer probably I was walking since morning, I see an agile man hustling through the crowds in haste, with a pull cart loaded with a burden I would never be able to move. The cribbing dies in me, and like any other ‘privileged ones’ would have personally responded, a sense of deep prosaic remorse starts to swell in me, and a  culmination with a burst of sympathy to this worker was surging in me – for the only reason of feeling better personally!

Then I realize, it of course is a futile exercise! For, it would not alleviate his burden, or instill in me that drive to go and help him : we are stuck in the pseudo worlds we live in!

I remind myself every time, these workers – the working class people are the true gears and shafts who keep the world moving. People who work day in and day out, in hot summer, or chilling winter, or be it in torrential rains, with a humble hope of earning a piecemeal with peace, and a greedy aspiration of having a better life!

While some of us might want to feel good about having empathised about these hard workers, it is not our empathy they need. They don’t  need any personal sympathy from us, or a blog post such as this one! What would really impact their lives is when we realise we are the part of problem that is hurting them and has left them where they are; And without posing ourselves as a piece of the solution there can never be a better society!

Each one of us is that very crucial piece in solving this problem of ‘expanding disparity’.

This post might still only go down as a mnemonic, and a personal vent so that it alleviates me from within, helping me not  to feel really miserable about all the miseries out there!

I can only hope that I get that courage in me to do all that is necessary, all that is within my power to become that piece of the solution!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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