Culinary confluence of cultures :D

Well when I claim the ‘foodie’ status of myself, many people think I am exaggerating. Like many grand things in the Universe, one must witness it, to realize that in fact I have underestimated my own abilities in this regard.

And this underestimated ability of mine unleashes itself quite unashamedly, with no inhibitions whatsoever when I’m being served food, mind you when it is good food.

I eat almost everything in the spectrum of human abilities (of course, must be cooked), emanating from most of the cuisines I have attempted hitherto (both regional and international). While I have a real soft corner for non-vegetarian food, I can still bear vegetarian (salad being the best veg food).

When this is the condition, what more can I ask, than hospitable hosts serving awesome food!

This time it was Indo-Iranian, or must I say Iran-Indian, for, there was mostly Iranian food.
It is quite unbelievable that people can be so amicable and genuinely hospitable. My hosts were, and weren’t mellowing down at all!

The Menu:
Soup: It is still called soup, but nothing like I have had before – was that noodles in it? Guess so. With fresh vegetables, mild spices and a subtle flavour that was disguised in the entirely of the soup itself. Good for a start! Sublime!

Salad: Did not bother to check what vegetables were present, for I eat all of it! The hosts suggested mayonnaise, and I am not all that conscious of ‘calories’ as yet, so had a generous serving of it.

Douggh: I don’t know what it would be spelled, but it sounded ‘douggh’. Beaten yogurt with dry mint is what was claimed. I did not bother too much into the details, for I was already immersed in  it. Bliss.

Sabji Pulov with maahi: So, maahi as far as I could grasp is what fish is called in Persian. I am a BIG fan of fish, especially when it is maach (in Bengali ). It was cooked in olive oil with some garnishing of olives, which I overlooked and seem to have missed 😛 Oh, yes I did eat it with some rice – sabji pulov (its in Persian, although the same in Hindi)

Zereysht Pulov with mourgh: Rice cooked specially, I think stew is a term in that proximity with saffron and tiny-tangy cherries (zereysht). It was bland, compensated well by the Indian style chicken with mild gravy.

Zereysht pulov

Obscure potato: Crisp potato with skin, cooked with rice! It was yummm.
And these apart, of course the dessert. All these were sandwiched between two rejuvenating shots of Iranian green tea!

Beyond the menu:
So, it isn’t that I was concentrating only on food and ignored the people around or the erudite conversations that were filling the ambiance altogether. It was for sure new waters for me, so I was in absorption mode.

Will dedicate a separate post after assimilating the conversations which seem to be getting better with every passing get together.
Persian sounds classy and I happened to learn a few words, at the least. The confluence of Indo-Iranian culture, seemed to blend impeccably. I also gathered the information that the hosts although were Muslims, were different in their sects – one was Shia and the other a Sunni. And my cognisance of this sectarianism improved with the anecdotes and history that was being discussed.

National polity from the left, right and external angles, to intelligent conversations about art and science which have become more so common these days with entourage I happen to hang out with.

More details about the intriguing conversations in subsequent posts.

PS: Me loves Delhi more now!

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