The common man’s simple joys :)

Recently,after work, I was to meet a friend. As, I was early, had to wait near a street corner. It was half past seven in the evening, and the weather in Bengaluru has been impeccable for a past few days- cloudy,with cool breeze and sprays of drizzle 🙂 Such excellent weather invokes the natural trait of any Indian:To look out for hot-spicy snacks.

I was glad to find a roadside Bajji corner, on a push cart, where a man and his wife were baking hot bajjis and serving hot tea. There wasn’t any reason for me to pretend and wear a mask of someone irrelevant to them: So, I straight away headed towards them.

There were varieties of bajjis; Given my non-vegetarianism,I naturally asked for the ‘motte'(egg) bajjis (closest to my needs:)

The thing which was running in my mind immediately after the first bite was: I would have easily shelled out twenty times the cost for the same thing in any other superficial ‘food court’, but still, never could have tasted anything like it 🙂

The two of the hosts were very welcoming and courteous. Not just to me,but,to each and every customer who had come. Each one of us got something much more than what we paid for : A blissful smile, an intimate chat,cheering us up at the end of the day!

The hosts at the shop were people who weren’t in the stablest of the economic conditions, but still the satisfaction they seemed to enjoy with the little they had is remarkable. I’d say a lesson to the rest of us.

This, as I have been observing is true with many ‘common people’ around us, who lead a simple life filled with struggles,but still, who never fail to enjoy the little simple joys in day to day life, on a regular basis. This definitely increases the quality of our lives, reducing the overhead of trying out futile,extravagant attempts at keeping ourselves happy by unnatural means.

PS: This post is not talking about the common people being complacent about their requirements, without craving for what they deserve (i.e.,their ignorance), but, about the extent of satisfaction exhibited by them with whatever they possess, at that instant. This sets an example to most of us, who are never happy with what we have, incessantly craving for something more, missing out on the present!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to The common man’s simple joys :)

  1. bharge says:

    good one again as customary… simple things in life holds a bubble of happiness in the end… whether the hot chai/egg dosa in a road-side stall… or getting drenched in the rain (a personal favorite of mine), listening to the birds chirping, making others arnd us happy, etc…ppl shud def have a stop/pause button in their lives to come off their life on fast lanes, enjoy the lil things… we seem to forget though money is imp for a decent life, its not the most imp thing… after all, u can only be at one place at a time…and yes indeed, the taste u get out of the eatables in any road side shop will beat any 5-star hotels hands down… and thats the best thing about india…

  2. $@ndhy@ says:

    i feel the "common man" are over. Those were the days of the 1990's…i miss them

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