Misfits of the System

Almost every coffee time conversation at work, pertaining to the impact and consequences, we, one creed of creatures have made on the Environment and Ecosystem, naturally directs our discussion to the unscrupulous nature of our lives. The rapid consumption of all natural resources, just to meet our highly inappropriate and exaggerated needs, while, having drastically disturbed the rest of the Ecosystem speaks volumes of our so called ‘Concern’ towards the environment.

The immense diversity Mother Nature has developed in millions of years have been consumed in gargantuan amounts, leading to extinction and exhaustion within a couple of centuries, in the name of Industrialization by the biggest misfits of this system i.e, We, the homo sapiens !

There has been a sudden increase in the awareness about the Environment. But, this ain’t something to be happy about. It is more of an alarm for saving ourselves from the deep ditch we’ve dug open. I would like to quote Paulo Coelho in this context:

Save the planet? The Planet must be saying, “Save yourself idiots, I will be fine”

So, the non-idiots who have realized the threat to our own existence, without bothering about any other living organisms, are the ones who are mostly doing the Political propaganda of “Going Green”.

Talking about “Going Green”, what an irony!
Let me take the case of Namma Bengaluru, for instance. As far as I remember, Bengaluru was always green, but only before 4-5 years. I, like most Bengalureans have been the agonized spectator of the transformation of Bengaluru from the Garden City to the biggest Real Estate Project ( The entire city now has nothing but towering apartments and gigantic tinted office buildings)!

So, you talk about planting one sapling or two, after evading into hectares of greenery.Is this going green?

The actual instigator for this post was the Gulf oil spill, and the ghastly impact it has made on the marine life and the dependent ecosystem there. Unfortunate thing though is, and as expected out of us, we are busy suing each other for monetary compensation, for our misbehavior, not on each other, but we against the environment. We haven’t bothered to give any heed to all the creatures who would not even survive this intrusion. Many species, in an accelerated manner, because of this incident would see the face of extinction.

But, sometimes, I am made to think that all these atrocities are heading in the right direction –
Maybe we are acting as catalysts to enable Mother Earth undergo a metamorphosis, to help her consume the world as seen today, and to evolve into something better, without her biggest mistakes:

Aware of the Mesozoic Era?i.e, The Dinosaurs?
Encore of something similar is what we are witnessing now.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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4 Responses to Misfits of the System

  1. bharge says:

    paul coelho's comment is spot on in this… think it came in one of the documentaries… nature will always be able to take care of itself… nothing but a cycle in the end…going green is another of those words which hides an ulterior motive in it… u supposedly have computers which are green, networking equipment which are green, etc… and i alwaz thought that things that were green dint require any power esp from man's 'electricity sources'… lets not forget the 'GREEN EQUIPMENT' cost a bomb… so the idea is quite clear… yeah, good that ppl try to plant saplings, trees, etc but again with the urbanisation, concrete/tar, etc everywhere and the serious lack of soil nutrients/ground water whats the use of it… and because of our greed, the innocent creatures are the ones who have to suffer while we keep bickering about the compensations, etc… can we repair the oil spill that has affected all aquatic life… not a chance…we are very much in an irreversible process… yes maybe we can curb the damamges of the consequences but we have to ultimately suffer for the sins…

  2. Yeah, totally agreed on the point of the ulterior motive behind 'GOING GREEN'. The most I have heard of it is in the a marketing perspective: Either people are trying to sell their products or shares by adding the tag of "Green" to it! Here again, the true colors of the 'Profit driven' capitalistic system manifests itself!

  3. Most of the private firms in Bangalore are IT companies, which need just buildings, computers, web access and connectivity to major cities by road and air; and not much of other physical infrastructure. Most of the area consumed in Bangalore district is fertile agricultural land. Instead of slaughtering our green lung for commercial interests, we must identify barren plots of land across the state/country and set up the firms there and provide them with connectivity. I'm sure this will be profitable even for the enterprises, since the real estate prices and cost of living outside Bangalore will be way cheaper. *****I wonder which great personality of the Horticulture department got the idea of turning Lal Bagh into Sentosa! huh…

  4. That is a good idea Sri… But, again it requires quite a lot of proactive initiative from the sides of the authorities involved. Unless a firm national stand is not taken, implementing this it won't help. And about real estate prices and cost of living-It won't reduce, on the contrary those places would acquire the traits of Bengaluru, as they have in certain regions beyond the borders of our Bruhat Bengaluru already!****About Lalbagh into Sentosa, wasn't aware… To begin with, they just need to maintain it, as it is properly…

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