What justice!

Is there a relevance to the concept of legal justice in today’s world?

The concept of justice is one of the most compelling inhibitions imposed on the individuals, by the propagandist society, to curb their natural aggression, and then to transform this as a commodity into a market, wherein only the elite economic class can afford to buy – As they wish,with full customization.

It is an open secret as to how feeble and manipulative the systems of law and justice is, in our society. Like good food, quality education, necessary health & medical facilities, and all the other essentials which add to a decent livelihood, legal justice is another costly commodity, which keeps drifting away from the common man.

Justice in today’s world, actually, hurts more than the crime itself.

26 years, and now a few scapegoats, not the actual culprits are being sentenced to two years in prison and a meager amount as fine, for taking lives of about 15 thousand innocent people, and destroying an entire community, which still is afresh with the repercussions of the Bhopal Tragedy!

Same has been the case with the Godhra riots, Uphaar Cinema fire, terror attacks, and innumerable other major tragedies, which have prolonged for ages, only to end with agonizingly feeble verdicts.

Imagine the lives of the people who have spent waiting for long painful years, at last, just to witness this silly, so called ‘justice’. Don’t they get a chance to vengeance, if at the least, that would make them feel better.

Talking about vengeance, it is not something evil or inhuman as portrayed by the hypocrite system. If a person has committed a crime, he mercilessly deserves the reciprocation of his/her own actions, with no room for sympathy. But, today’s ironical system does nothing which even hints at healing the victims.

I fail to understand, what is the necessity of such a complex, but still inefficient system of law and justice, if it cannot yield a hint of relief to the victims! Instead, it only succeeds in infuriating them, burdening their lives with more of longing and painful trauma.

If it is said that justice can be made possible only in such excruciatingly long and ineffective methods, then, isn’t it right to scrap this system and adopt a more ‘responsibly responsive’ system?

It would never happen though. For, most of the architects of this system are the ones who are taking shelter, under the umbrella of the loopholes in the system; A system which they have fabricated to fence themselves, while abandoning the rest of the common people!

In today’s world,
He who bids higher has justice in his basket!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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1 Response to What justice!

  1. Ashiq says:

    There is nothing called "Justice" in our society. There are only two classes in world one is rich and the other is……. every one knows what this unfortunate class is. Justice is a game, ploy or toy (what ever you mean to say) of the rich class. Who is responsible for Bhopal Gas tragedy, is it Union Carbide? answer is it is not UIC, its we Indians. People hear are least bother for any thing except for money. You through money, all dogs in this country will be behind you, wagging there dirty tail.There is nothing called Justice, this is just a pseudo word which mean nothing. Exact meaning of Justice is Infinity. No limit for waiting, you will loose your complete life, waiting for this silly thing and hoping that "Justice will Prevail" What an Irony

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