Team Studsat Farewell

The formal curtain call has been made for the first generation team members of Team Studsat, by the second generation propellers.

Yesterday, there was a sweet and intimate send off to all the veterans of the team, i.e, the members who had passed out B.E last year, but still associated with the project. With loads of fun and reminiscence, it was  a really special event for all of us yesterday.

The various Tag names which popped out for team mates was hilarious: names like TL/shop (Angadi), Damager (Dixit), Mom (Mamatha), JJM(Shwetha), Toodle-doodle(vichu) and Doodle-Toodle(vikku), lungi/chairman(sharath), bucket (karthik), model (arpan), and I was called Blog Swamiji !( i forgot a few others)
It was hilarious to the core.

Then, the games and pranks, anecdotes from experiences of project, dramatization of certain fulcrum points in the journey, which in retrospection seem funny, made the event even more enjoyable. All thanks to the juniors, who demonstrated the same levels of dedication even in organizing such a lovely event like the work they have contributed towards the project:)

With less than a month for launch, this event was well timed to remind us of all the ups and downs we’ve faced for this tenure of India’s First Student Pico Satellite – Studsat 🙂

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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