Society… Do I make it or does it make a me out of me?

What is the identity of society?Does society have a mind of its own? Who is that we care to care about when we live with the society in mind? How much of influence does it have on us?

These are the questions which often impinge at me with increased impact every time,after regular incidents and observations. To try answering these questions could be a never ending exercise of our entire existence in the society.

‘Society’ is the biggest fraudulent deception we have come to conceive,and have successfully been using it for fettering our own growth, with unreasonable and paradoxic constraints as its main ammunition. Ironically, most of the constraints imposed by the society are the ones which its own individual entities would want to break loose from.
Society is a formless and obstinate monster repelling every hint of its betterment, opposing every change with its carapace of ignorance, brutality and its inherent colossal momentum. This bottomless well of the society tries to keep every action of ours constrained using the gargantuan power it has, assimilated through numbers, nothing else but huge numbers. We can invoke Time and its intimate companion History to chronicle the atrocities society has committed incessantly.
When i try to arrive at the character of society based on the historical evidence and its current behavior, an interesting revelation occurs to me.
Society, which comprises of us people has a character which is a product of all the negatives within each of us and rarely does it exhibit any significant manifestation of the good within all of us.
Society,if considered as an entity has an identity which, ironically is a metaphor to all the weaknesses within the individuals who constitute it.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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