Sixty years of being a Republic & the increasing responsibilities.

Today is an important day for us Indians, as India turns into a 60 year old Republic, looking back at a legacy of accomplishments and staring right into the challenging eyes of the gargantuan responsibilities of the future.

And honestly speaking, I hadn’t understood the core distinction between a Democracy and a Republic until recently. To give you the gist of my understanding of this distinction-
Democracy: Rule by Omnipotent Majority
Republic: Rule by a constitutionally controlled and limited Majority

India, for the past 60 years has made immense progress, but not up to the mark of its potential. Disparity in growth has been, and will continue to be the biggest problem in India. For instance, the IT hub of India-Bangalore,has bases of all the major MNC’s of the world, and within the near proximities of these business and technology centres is the inhabitation of thousands of people who can’t even satisfy their basic daily needs. Such extremities is a common sighting in Bangalore, like in rest of the country.

Tackling such critical problems are quintessential for the growth of India.

I, personally have believed that providing Quality education to every citizen will do a lot in lessening this divide. For, education is the only means to see a successful and vibrant India represented by every Indian. In this regard,each one of us should pledge to facilitate quality education to as many needy children as possible by us, to alter their course of life for good. For, it’ll be a long time before until the system can do something substantial.

When I say “WE,INDIANS”, it does include every person born and living here-the President,the Politicians,Celebrities,Entrepreneurs,students and most importantly the very essential Proletarians or the working class. Only with a policy which benefits ‘everyone’ can India accomplish its deserved destiny of being a Successful and truly independent country.

On this day, I wish a lot many of us get proactive and work from a personal level to realize the future of India.
Let us play our part.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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