Never ending wonders….

I started off writing this post thinking about something else,but it eventually coalesced into this one.

There are very few things in life which can keep us excited and hooked on forever. These are the things which can simultaneously occupy our minds, give food for thought and tickle our senses. Though,it varies from person to person, each of us definitely would have a precious few things to attach to and immerse in them. (The ‘materialistic pleasure’ if quoted in terms of the spiritual hypocrites)

These are manifested in the forms of intimate hobbies,passions and obsessions. The joy catered to us by such endearing endeavors is what makes our lives worth living for the sake of ‘some things, apart from living for someone and ourselves. Indulging in performing gratifying acts to the self gives a sensation better than that of any accomplishment;It enhances us, makes us realize our existence in entirety.

There are a lot many manifestations of such natural instincts in each of us, which transform into passionate indulgences as we grow. This subsequently gets us in vibe with our Natural frequency, enabling the resonance of our passions with that of the world.

If each of us nurtured and nourished these passions, that would be the greatest penance for happiness in our lives.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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