Unity in Diversity?

This phrase-Unity in Diversity, is one of the most common idioms one would come across in the school texts about India or in any of the superficial propagandas about India.I have grown giving immense value to this phrase.I have always considered this to be the highest ideal any country can accomplish,and always wanted India to set an example to the world. But,various regular incidents until now have converted this idiom into ‘a remotely accurate bragging about our society’.

India is diverse in all aspects,but far from united. The ground reality is bitter and embarrassing,for,the wide range of issues which are threatening our society and pushing it towards fragmentation are plenty.

I have previously expressed my apprehension about various critical issues like regionalism,linguistic chauvinism,caste sectarianism,and not to mention the ever polarizing economic disparity in India acting as catalysts in this process of fragmentation.But,this agony,I’m afraid would never get a chance of healing.

Political (mis)leaders take undue advantage of the hypersensitivity of mobs(not people!)to their benefit. They instigate most such issues,snowball them,and land a huge blow to the face of the nation. Regular incidents occurring on a day-to-day basis is a spiteful proof to this.Numerous instances can be mentioned to justify the preceding statement. But,I’d like to point out a live conspiracy happening.

Andhra Pradesh is at the verge of being fragmented into another state-they call it-A Telengana state. It is very transparent,that this is a politically motivated agenda,and end benefactors would definitely not be the people.Unfortunately,it has gathered a fiery momentum. This is when I start to wonder,why people behave in such an extremely unreasonable manner,by staging huge protests,riots,suicides(!),and other atrocities to support this atrocity.

India:A country manifesting Unity in Diversity, was the dream of our forefathers,and it has been eluding us,and now it is drifting away,evanescing amidst the chaos.  

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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