A game which turned into a romantic love story :)

Imagination kept on hampering Sam’s work but he enjoyed it…

But,on an eventful day his imagination created a beautiful girl-Maia in his mind and he could no more work nor enjoy it… Everytime he was imagining about her,he was singing, “I’m only a human,with a heart by name Maia“….It was again the work of his imagination which made him believe that Maia was in his heart,which actually was a falsity… She had fully occupied his mind… She had become his soul…

Sam wholeheartedly believed that he was living with her…People thought he was going insane..But,he didn’t belong to them.The people and their comments seemed ridiculous and silly to him. By now his imagination had even created Maia’s physical sensation within him. He was in unison with her.

Once,in the King’s palace while he was deeply engrossed about her as always and working,Sam hurt himself…Instead of feeling the pain for himself,he visualised Maia crying for him,which hurt him more,he started saying”Oh my Maia,don’t you cry.It makes my heart go dry!!!”.

This came to the notice of the King. He presumed Sam had a beautiful angel, who was invisible to others as his LOVE. So,he was tortured to confess and comply to their facts about his angel….

As Sam’s torture was the torture to his Maia,Sam agreed to draw a picture of her in front of the entire kingdom. He imposed a condition that once he had finished ,Sam would be proclaimed the husband of Maia by the king himself.The king did agree to it.

And when he started drawing her,he had kept his eyes closed.The image that was transcending on to the paper was the most beautiful thing anyone but the king had ever seen. People around were astonished seeing this beautiful woman.And the king couldn’t believe his eyes. The king wanted his daughter-the princess to see it… Until then, no one ever had including Sam had seen the princess….So, they were all waiting for the princess to witness the act of Sam…

To everyone’s bewilderment the princess was exactly the same as the beautiful woman drawn by Sam….Everyone including the king were dumbfounded,but Sam had known he would meet his Maia…. When the princess looked into Sam’s eyes,she felt, she had known him from ages.All the people seemed to melt away,and all the flowers started blooming to celebrate their love. The love between them was felt everywhere(with the music of Rahman in the background)….

And then, as a mark of their Love,they came closer to kiss. Her eyes were as if saying”I can’t taste my lips,can you do it for me“,he then comes closer complying to her affectionate demand. There was a breeze carrying love blowing silently with the fragrance of all the beautiful flowers elating their mood. They were close enough to kiss,when….

Someone shouted,”Sam,its getting late to class dude,get up you dreamer !!!”…He then reluctantly gets up,then realises his girl,his love would already be in college and rushes to her…. He looks at her…His eyes says it all….She knows it all,but she still pretends…. But,deep within their hearts and minds they crave for each other…..

Wow….This was what came out of a game which a friend and me were engaged in… Alternately we had to imagine a scene and – This,a silly but sweet story came up… Almost every alternate sentence is in response to the others words… And I think she’s done all the better part of it….

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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2 Responses to A game which turned into a romantic love story :)

  1. Lakshmi says:

    Raghuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… m fida on ur imagination… Awesome… V can make a golden jubilee movie out of it… By the way who is SHE buddy??? 😛 😛 😛

  2. Yeah thanks smiley….That friend is the one whose drawing I have appraised on another post…. 🙂

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