A negative nuance of our culture !!!

I was in a debate with a friend about the ratifications of our culture and a distinct society like ours,in moulding us into individuals

We live in a society where personal bondings and relationships are of prime importance and huge committed responsibilities. And I acknowledge that this has kept our society cordial and bonded unlike few other societies of the world.But, there is definitely a slight negative aspect to it.

Now, is the time when most of my peers and  myself are trying to make up our minds regarding our future. And, these decisions most of us are taking now is a result of considering the various pros and cons of it to our families. I don’t deny that this isn’t the way its got to be. But,in retrospect we would  all realise that we have underplayed ourselves.In most cases,we would have decided to tread on a path which is just slightly more than mediocre.

To excel individually,we need to take risks, which should not be restricted by our societal and personal bindings.And also,by the time we are set free from the conservative cocoons of our families into the society,the most valuable time is gone, and as a consequence we are ready to compromise.

Something contrary to this,I feel has been the secret behind the success of the western world where independence of an individual isn’t just restricted to the constitution,but also reaches the individual at every stratum. And thinking freely is what will help us excel,and compromises will compromise our accomplishments.

I know most of you would not be convinced, but this is one of the major contributors in making our society a mediocre one starving and craving for independent minds….

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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5 Responses to A negative nuance of our culture !!!

  1. anupama says:

    It seems to be inherent in us to take personal decisions with extreme caution as we choose to put family commitments first.We often compromise thinking that we can somehow settle the discontent within us if we see our loved ones happy.Our generation has been more exposed and people are realising the importance of following their dreams. I hope and believe this trend will continue.

  2. I think this trend should continue for some generations to come for it have a substantial effect…

  3. Lakshmi says:

    Wat Anu tells is very true. Family and the commitments with the dear ones becomes more important at times. Most of the time our desires and dreams are unheard rather undrestimated. The main draw back of our generation is lack of trust in our abilities by the older generation.

  4. srilakshmidj says:

    I have a genius friend whose ideas dumbfound even her lecturers. She studied Biotechnology. She had a concept that could eradicate mosquitoes. She wants to pursue higher studies and research. Her aspirations are thwarted; dreams shattered. Not because of financial reasons; the culprit is our great Indian societal norms on what should happen to you at what age! It's so frustrating not being able to do anything regarding this problem.Coming to relationship, how many are really happy? I see that so many relationships are mere agreements to keep someone else happy.God knows when we get to see the light of 'independence of an individual'. Till then let's pray that the mosquito that bites you does not give you chikungunya, malaria….!!

  5. Well Sri,you have presented an appropriate instance of the crippling caused by the 'relationships that are mere agreements' to the cause of an individual….And that's an emphatic agreement between us in this regard… 🙂

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