My teachers and Me :)

The importance of having good teachers has been emphasised in our Indian Culture from times immemorial…. I,personally have grown tremendously by absorbing various traits from my teachers… I have believed that the best role models are teachers and have been lucky enough to have had atleast one amazing teacher as a role model at every point of time…

The first teacher who had impact in moulding me was my High School Headmaster- Mr.Irudayaraj(Seen in the first pic)… Seeing him I started believing that perfection in tasks does exist,and discipline in actions is the best way of executing them….

During my Pre University,I met the most dynamic person I have known till date…. He was the teacher who broke the myth about Trigonometry(we had inherited from our seniors that it was obscure and impractical)… Mr. Madhukar was young,energetic, charismatic and very amicable…. He taught me Trigonometry and it still remains one of my favourite subjects….

Another teacher during that period was Mr.Basavaraj,my Kannada teacher… He was an erudite person,with immense Kannada literature behind his friendly persona… He increased my interest in literature in general,and Kannada in particular….

After reaching B.E,I have been very lucky to have studied under Ramachandran Sir, NDN, Jojy Ma’m….But, the highest impact has been undoubtedly by Bandopadhay Sir(Seen in the second pic with us on college ethnic day)…. He will forever be a part of me….

Even at home, my mom being a teacher,and my sister an aspiring teacher have had incessant impact…

I am extremely grateful to these circumstances which have made me know all these beautiful people,and moulded me into a person you all know me to be….

Thanks to all the teachers who have moulded me,I shall forever be indebt to you…

Happy Teachers Day !!!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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3 Responses to My teachers and Me :)

  1. srilakshmidj says:

    A great teacher inspires,A good teacher teaches,An average teacher explains andA poor teacher complains.H Narasimhaiah quotes this in foreword to a mathematics text book. Like you, even I'm fortunate to have had a mentor at crucial junctures of my life who inspired me and made me what I am. Thanks to my mentors; I'm indebted to you.

  2. Nice lines…I remember those…. 🙂

  3. Lakshmi says:

    It's very true. Every teacher I faced in school had very gr8 attitudes and values of life. Today those values are my aims of life. I can proudly say that I am blessed twice in case of being with 'em and learning from 'em… Bando sir was ultimate. He will always remain with us as our success…

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