Forever with us….

Dearest Sir,

Four years under your guidance,and even after today,it will never be true that you aren’t with us….You are the most beautiful person I have known until now.I doubt if there could be anyone else who could surpass you in any aspect….

You will live forever with us, and can never be separated from our thoughts or actions….

Although you have been an embodiment of immense sensible knowledge and huge accomplishments, the humility that was yours is one of the many many things we need to learn from you…

You will live forever with us in the principles of life you’ve taught us…..

The lessons you have taught us,will always remain the basis of whatever more we are going to assimilate into us….Electronics at BMSIT wouldn’t have been the same without you….

You will live forever in every utterance of electronics by us…

The courage you have shown battling your condition will remain the source of inspiration to fight and rise in our lives…. Every moment of you defying your pain will be invaluable lessons to us…

You will live forever in every courageous step we will take up in our terms of life…..

The pure and impeccable father-like love you showed to us,without any barriers or hindrances will help us believe that love does exist beyond our family….Your love has been like,a pseudo white noise- the most wanted signal covering the entire frequency range…..

You will live forever in the love we will carry and propagate until we join you….

Today, when i saw you,the message of defiance you were conveying, when your ocean deep eyes gazing at a vista unseen to us, were being forcibly closed one after another will be in my eyes throughout my life….

You will live forever in our lives as an important part of our lives….

Although i haven’t been able to convert my emotions into words fully,

On behalf of all of us -We love you Sir….

(In remembrance of our beloved Dean,Bandopadhay Sir………)

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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7 Responses to Forever with us….

  1. Navin Sajan says:

    The four years of Engineering has been a roller-coaster ride with each day of each semester teaching a new lesson.I never expected that a day after the final exam, GOD would teach us the LESSON OF DEATH.I met him a month ago(20/05/09).I always hoped and thought he would always come back and teach our juniors but God thought otherwise. As RAGHU said. He'll never die. He'll live in our hearts forever and ever. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. F1 says:

    There are many regrets that some of us will have forever.. not concentrating enough in his classes, not converting his ideas and thoughts into actions.. but he will always be the biggest source of inspiration we can ask for. an endless expanse from which we can keep drawing motivation whenever life seems to be going downhill.. it is often said that memories behave in a crazy way, they crowd around you when you are alone. I've understood the full meaning of the statement only now. BMSIT '09 ECE batch will always show the deepest love, respect and admiration to our dearest dean. his memories will linger around us and he will be the guiding light in the darkest times of our lives. — Sowmya Karthikeyan.

  3. Rachitha says:

    we jus fall short of words to spk bout him…it was in my 2nd sem tat he jus took an hr's class and taught us bout the workin of the CRO…am really happy tat if not 4 yrs i was able to experience his teachin for an hr..i really will be ever grateful to him cos he was 1 of them who stood by us durin our fight for the elective :)lik ppl say all good things come to an matter whether he is there with us or not he will surely be a part of ur life till our last breath..we love u sir 🙂

  4. anupama says:

    Dearest Sir,There are so many wonderful memories of you which bring a smile to my face. You are one person who made each one of us feel special in our own way. Your cabin was open to all of us. We could walk in whenever we felt like-many times I have come for so many reasons and was always greeted by your cheery voice. As I've told you, even when I have learnt something each time and will treasure it. Thank You very much Sir. Im sure you will always be with usLoveAnupama

  5. Narmada says:

    The loss of a great scholar and above all, a wonderful human being will not only affect the near-and-dear ones but also,all those who missed an opportunity interacting with him… Sir, your presence will always be felt in all stages.

  6. Dearest siras raghu rightly said "u'll live forever with us". sir u'v and will always be our inspiration. you faced the most testing moments of your life with such courage that it has left a mark on us. it has taught us that under whatever situation u are FIGHT IT!!! just don't give up. You will remain etched in our heart and memories for the rest of our lives.thank you so much sirwe will miss youlovetina

  7. srilakshmidj says:

    No one can fill in the void you have left behind, Sir. Love you

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