What is wronnng with us!!!

Let this feeling of Indianness be not impulsive, restricted to only a few special and symbolic days of the nation’s past achievements. We need to be working at this very moment to make India proud.
Like many others i feel that we are not patriotic to the core. We are emotional about our nationality and yes, we are patriotic- but just for the sake of words. When it comes to the real requirement, that is, dedicated efforts from us to play our part, most of us would not be up to the mark. If everyone would perform his/her duties with their national role and their contribution to the motherland in mind, we would have definitely surpassed all our peer nations.
I’ve always wondered as to where it went wrong, and why is that we take things for granted, and are negligent about our duties and responsibilities, from where does the parochial mindset come into picture, why is it that we are not ready to give the same importance to national growth, ,like we give to our personal well being . I know many of you would have had the same torturous thoughts.
I feel that we are trying to relax and savor the taste of freedom, brought by the struggles of our forefathers. We feel that enough they had borne the pain, and now that we have a Free India with us-a gift from all those great souls to us, we can do anything we wish, for we have in our hands a precious gift-a Free Nation. I personally feel, this is a gift we are not worthy enough to have, if we don’t play our part in making a Free India into a truly independent country which can lead the world.
Disclaimer: The above statements were made not pointing at anyone in particular, but i think you’ll know if it was targeted at you or not

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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