Dishum dishum..Bang bang….

After a day of starvation yesterday, i came home. No one was at home,they’ve left me alone and gone to Chennai. I was looking for the newspaper,there it was just 3 steps away from me,lying on the floor. I walked towards it and lifted it up. Then suddenly i felt a teeth crushing blow on the left side of my forehead, i could feel this impact even under my right jaw. It was exasperating. The blow had just missed the cartilage of my nose and the bones of my teeth. Then,I was trying to feel if some warm liquid was flowing down my face,thankfully nothing. But the pain was spreading.
I had banged into the edge of the wall after lifting the paper. I was trying to see if i was alright. Then i came to the mirror and stood for 30 seconds observing my forehead,at the end of it i started smiling at myself. I looked like Tom with a bump on his head,after a getting a blow from Jerry’s pan.
Later,i just placed an ice cube and tied a hankie around it,then went into a deep sleep to escape the pain.

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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3 Responses to Dishum dishum..Bang bang….

  1. shreyansi says:

    oh yeah i remember poor thing but then also u dnt seem to change, ur such a stubborn gypsy i think u luv to hurt urself n shud hav mentioned abt ur habit of forgettin as well as avoiding things to the limit that even if vehicles run over ur foot u dnt mind isn’t it?

  2. Hmmm…Maybe i’ll do another post next time when a vehicle runs over my foot…

  3. shreyansi says:

    oh my god! ur just impossible

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