-:)" Savour your sleep" -:)

The greatest gift bestowed on us is the ability to create things. But how could this be possible without rigorous thoughts clashing in the courts of our heads. And the most ideal time to let your thoughts think the unthinkable is while you are asleep. This is the time when your brain is being rejuvenated with a dose of glycogen, during this process the neurons are the most efficient. You can come up with the most bizarre ideas,out of the box solutions,create the weirdest things,go to the most unbelievable of places, all this and lots more, courtesy- YOUR BRAIN Riding to destination SLEEP.
The process of transcending from this chaotic world to another world,which is limited just by the power of your thoughts, and then to another level where you immerse yourself in an eternal ocean of serenity. Isn’t it amazing!
People believe that the best choices and solutions come while in sleep,as your subconscious mind which is immune to the world outside comes into play. There are proven instances with statistics that the decisions made in subconscious mind have been the most fulfilling and happy to the people involved.
I’ve come up with solutions of various sorts while asleep. One such weird instance is about a bug in a program i had written.I wasn’t able to debug it for long time. But one night during sleep i must have been thinking about it,then i woke up with the solution ,i had debugged it in my sleep!

About Raghav/Raghu

A fortunate mass of hydrogen cloud conscious enough to be contemplating that very fact.
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3 Responses to -:)" Savour your sleep" -:)

  1. shreyansi says:

    hey im in! even i savour ma sleep but my parents fail to appreciate it do smthing!

  2. Ya ya…savor ur sleep wen u r supposed to sleep….

  3. shreyansi says:

    ohkkk! then u shud have told me before hand!

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